January 14, 2021 @ 11:00 a.m.

The Muslim Educational Trust and Oregon Islamic Academy hosting Rukaiyah Adams, Chief Investment Officer at Meyer Memorial Trust, on “The Civil Rights Movement: Challenges and Realities of Yesterday and Today."

Rukaiyah Adams
Rukaiyah Adams
Chief Investment Officer at Meyer Memorial Trust

Teacher Julie Ahmed
Julie Ahmed
Muslim Educational Trust

Civil Rights Movement Event Flier Final

The Civil Rights movement that’s long advocated for the rights of all people both in the United States and globally continues today. Healing and unifying disparate communities still hurting from hundreds of years of systemic oppression and discrimination needs a collective effort from individuals, organizations, and government in order to fully address societal inequities and create more just societies. Discussing and reflecting on the connection between our history and our present and our future broadens our perspectives and moves us forward as a society towards becoming more loving, accepting, and inclusive.