Mr. Neal Keny-Guyer

Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Corps

neal"This Community Center will be special because it will be a place where many citizens who perhaps don't know much about the Muslim culture and faith can come together and learn with citizens of the greater Portland area. I'm tremendously excited about the vision and want to see it come to pass as quickly as possible. I wish it existed 10 years ago."

Ms. Amanda Fritz

Commissioner, City of Portland

amanda"What I like about the proposed Community Center is that it seems so flexible. What happens in the building is what's important and when you have lots of different kinds of space for people, that create a community that grows and changes over time and still feels like home to a lot of people. Everybody can do a little bit. If you can afford to have a share in the building that’s wonderful. If you can’t, you can find 10 friends who can give together to have a share in the building. Working together to get it done is part of what is going to make it a beautiful space once it is built."

Mr. Craig Prosser

Manager, City of Tigard

craig"Having the Muslim Educational Trust in Tigard is really helping with the mutual understanding and growth for the entire community. I really feel like we have a wonderful partnership with the Muslim Educational Trust and the opportunity to have this type of facility in our community makes our community so much richer and more vibrant."

Dr. Nohad Toulan

Distinguished Professor and Dean Emeritus, Portland State University

toulan"The Muslim Educational Trust is a multi-purpose organization devoted to the service of the Muslim community in Oregon and to the building of bridges of understanding within the larger interfaith community. While the Islamic school is its more visible contribution, its more subtle outreach programs are much more significant. In its 18 years of existence it has become a beacon guiding both Muslims and Non-Muslims towards a better understanding of the true spirit of Islam and how it can contribute to harmony in our local community. Having come of age, it is now time for the organization to have its own home; a community center that enables it to continue and expand its outreach."

Dr. Tom Bartlett

Former President of the American University in Cairo, Chancellor, University of Alabama System and the Oregon State System of Higher Education

tom"The Muslim Educational Trust has a real opportunity. It is organized, it is effective and it has the right message. It is also doing the right thing by involving its school with local and state-wide activities that are inter-school and that is very important because the other kids will realize that other than dress, Muslim students don't look very different and they don't act very differently from them."

Ms. Maria Wulff

World Affairs Council of Oregon

maria"This Community Center gives a physical presence to the work that is already happening and philosophy of inclusivity that the Muslim Educational Trust has always espoused and of course at the World Affairs Council, we are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate on even more events with the Muslim Educational Trust."

Mr. Sho Dozono

Chief Executive Officer of Azumano Travel and 2008 Portland Mayor Candidate

sho"I was very impressed to watch the Muslim Educational Trust work not only within the Muslim Community but also within the interfaith community, bringing the Jewish, Christian and Muslim people together. I’ve been working in the community in the area of civil rights for many years and I am fascinated by how MET brings the Muslim Community together while educating their own children with the culture, language, heritage and faith."

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui

Chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America

muzammil"I am aware of the noble objectives of the Muslim Educational Trust and have full confidence in the Islamic knowledge, reliability and trustworthiness of its members. I pray to Allah to grant them success in their noble objectives. I also request Muslims in this country and abroad to extend their generous hands of moral and material support for the Muslim Educational Trust."

Dr. Jamal Badawi

Professor of Religious Studies, St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

badawi"I am delighted to recommend the Muslim Educational Trust. The Muslim Educational Trust is very successful in providing excellent Islamic education to members of the Muslim community in Oregon. MET also organizes outstanding outreach efforts which are highly commendable. I have complete trust and confidence in the Muslim Educational Trust and encourage everyone to support their noble cause."

Dr. Ahmad Sakr

President, Foundation for Islamic Knowledge

sakr"I recommend the Muslim Educational Trust and its leaders whom I have known for many years. They are practicing Muslims and they follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). The Trust needs all types of help and support to build Islamic Schools for our children and for Dawah and outreach among Muslims and non-Muslims as well. I encourage everyone to help MET."

Dr. Mohammed Albar

M.D., M.R.C.P, Consultant Islamic Medicine, King Fahd Medical Research Center, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

albar"I have known the Muslim Educational Trust for the last 10 years and I have witnessed the Trust combining the high standard of American education with true Islamic teachings of tolerance and love for humanity. Through the many activities they carry out, MET brings forth social peace and the ehtos of Islam among diverse groups and communities."

Mr. Samir Kabbani

Chairman of the National Agriculture Committee at the Council of Saudi Chambers

samir"I applaud the Muslim Educaitonal Trust for its excellence in education, outreach, and interfaith activities. MET continues to deliver superb academic and spiritual instruction within an Islamic environment that will nurture children’s hearts and minds and prepare them for their role in life as stewards of Earth and humanity."